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Message from the President

My father founded the Buks Tool Company in 1978 in a small warehouse with a single machine. He would work around the clock on that machine to fulfill his first clients’ orders, and at times sleep at the foot of the same machine. That machine, and the hard work my father put into building BTC from the ground up are still present on our production floor to this day.


After assuming the leadership of BTC in 2007 when my father passed away, I was given the monumental responsibility of filling my father’s very large shoes. I knew there were employees that relied on BTC to support their families, and that our clients needed their order fulfilled. At the time there was no time to look back and ponder, but rather focus on pushing forward.



Today, Buks Tool Company has grown to be the premiere machine shop in Houston and is now located in its own headquarters. We have over 47,000 square feet of work floor that is currently being utilized and we plan to expand our workshop and workforce so we may continue to provide the level of product our customers expect, while growing to accommodate new lines of business and clients. At the core of everything we do, my father’s leadership and inspiration motivates us all, while at the same time we strive to increase our level of excellence and growth.


As a proud Houstonian, it is my honor and privilege to lead this company as we expand and hire more team members, increase our community outreach, and ensure our loyal customers continue to receive the level of service they are accustomed to and deserve. For our new customers, I welcome you personally to our family and thank you for allowing us to be your machine shop of choice.


I look forward to working with each and every one of you to ensure the projects you entrust us with are completed on time, at the highest level of quality possible, and always within budget.



Danielle A. Buks


President and CEO BTCI